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OLE’s Todos Conectados strategy

Todos Conectados Pilot launch – Video

Showcasing the launch of the “Todos Conectados” program in liaison with our various partners including Uayki from Peru and Grupos Gestores from Guatemala during the community kickstart in San Pablo, Guatemala. In the video, we see the UPlanet system, learning teams being formed and with their new laptops learners diving into the learning experience. This…

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Todos Conectados Learning Center

October 12, 2022, the Inauguration of the San Pablo Learning Center and the first technical course. The facilities of the Learning Center are inaugurated as part of the social return of the Bookstore enterprise financed by the Todos Conectados San Pablo project (Cooperative Entreprises launch). At the opening event, the first technical course on costume…

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Todos Conectados Graduates

172 beneficiaries of the Todos Conectados program receive certificates for havingparticipated and successfully completed the modules of the UPlanet platform learning program,these being: My letters, My numbers, My Health and Nutrition, My rights and responsibilities,My future and the Importance of teamwork this is part of the learning program. These modulesaim to reinforce knowledge for life…

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