All people learning is the key to breaking the cycle of global poverty and violence.

OLE is committed to ensuring that everyone is a learner, especially those living in the most impoverished, violence-riven and disrupted parts of the world.

10 Years!  (2007-2017)

As we at OLE and our global partners move into our next decade, we work, together with you, to enable access to learning for all, as it is essential because of the increasing number of lives, throughout the world, that will be severely disrupted by poverty, violence and climate chaos. OLE’s learning management system–portable, fast, adaptable, inexpensive, highly effective, useable everywhere–makes possible for people of all ages to rebuild their lives and thrive to their full potential.

Our Work

OLE’s big idea is to demonstrate a solution to the three most serious barriers to learning: the lack of quality materials, the lack of effective teachers, and the lack of meaningful connections with the rest of the world. Our work is to continue to develop and document the power of OLE’s Personal Learning Toolkit, a scalable, affordable, community-centered solution that works offline with solar power, using any device with a browser.

We believe learning is meaningful when it is:

Personalized Learning


team supported

Team Supported
& Community-based

Globally Connected


Scalable Solutions




In partnership with nation-based educational entrepreneurs who establish independent organizations, with leadership, staff and funding, OLE provides strategic advice and technical support, and regularly assembles our partners to share and learn from each other.


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OLE’s Exchange Partners

Map of OLE sites around the world

OLE works closely with local organizations that are deeply committed to transforming and expanding open-access learning solutions. Our local partners (in formation) can be found in Peru, Mexico, United States, Canada, Ghana, Togo, DRC, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Somalia, Madagascar, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Jordan, Nepal, India, and Cambodia.

Launching January 2018, OLE’s Free Education Library for Syrians (FELS) is a repository of free instructional resources and career pathways to help Syrian refugees develop competencies and skills that support them advancing their opportunities and their capacity to contribute to the communities in the countries which welcome them.
The pilot program will begin in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Bulgaria.

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