Invest in our innovative approach to continuous learning and community empowerment.


Transforming lives and igniting potential through equal learning opportunities and the growth of community-led enterprises.


Invest in learning and enterprise development for greater agency and empowerment in communities.


Empowering communities through continuous learning and enterprise development.


Supporting the development of community-led enterprises for a brighter future.

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OLE pilots “Todos Conectados” program in San Pablo, Guatemala

Recently, Open Learning Exchange completed an eight-month pilot demonstrating and documenting OLE’s Todos Conectados strategy for enabling a large number of communities in San Pablo, Guatemala to help their members thrive.  See our Guatemala blog series for more details!

Our Mission

At OLE, our mission is to empower and uplift communities, creating an environment where every member can thrive and reach their full potential, despite any obstacles such as poverty, corruption, and violence.

Our Work

OLE’s big idea is to demonstrate a solution to the three most serious barriers to learning: the lack of quality materials, the lack of effective teachers, and the lack of meaningful connections with the rest of the world. Our work is to continue to develop and document the power of OLE’s Personal Learning Toolkit, a scalable, affordable, community-centered solution that works offline with solar power, using any device with a browser.

We believe learning is meaningful when it is:

Personalized Learning


team supported

Team Supported
& Community-based

Globally Connected


Scalable Solutions




In partnership with nation-based educational entrepreneurs who establish independent organizations, with leadership, staff and funding, OLE provides strategic advice and technical support, and regularly assembles our partners to share and learn from each other.


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OLE’s Exchange Partners

Map of OLE sites around the world

OLE works closely with local organizations that are deeply committed to transforming and expanding open-access learning solutions. Our local partners (in formation) can be found in Peru, Mexico, United States, Canada, Ghana, Togo, DRC, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Somalia, Madagascar, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Jordan, Nepal, India, and Cambodia.

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OLE Accepted by Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE) as Member of Impact Portfolio

Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE), based in the World Bank, has chosen the Open Learning Exchange for membership in its external community of practice, the Impact Portfolio.  See our blog post for more details!

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