All people learning is the key to breaking the cycle of global poverty.

OLE is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to high quality, meaningful learning opportunities, especially girls and young women living in low-resource areas. We work with nation-based entrepreneurs who are transforming education into effective and affordable learning systems that benefit all of their people.

Our Partners

Map of OLE sites around the world

OLE works closely with local organizations that are deeply committed to transforming and expanding open-access education. Our local partners (in formation) can be found in Mexico, Peru, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Madagascar, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Nepal and India.

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Our Approach

We believe learning is meaningful when it is:

Personalized Learning


team supported

Team Supported
& Community-based

Globally Connected


Scalable Solutions




We work in partnership with in-country educational entrepreneurs who establish independent organizations, with leadership, staff and funding. OLE provides strategic advice and technical support, and regularly assembles our partners to share and learn from each other. Our partners take the Planet Learning system and open software tools to customize to meet the needs of their people and communities.


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