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Solutions to Internet Concerns

Yuval Noah Harari poses some disturbing challenges enabled by the Internet.  While agreeing that the internet can be dangerous, the Open Learning Exchange offers a different perspective: information and communication technologies make it possible for power to shift from the few who, in the past, have controlled the supply of goods, services and goodness to the many in need of those things.  Notwithstanding all of the problems, consumers today have greater power than ever before. We agree that this paradigm shift is fraught with problems, yet we see universal and unfettered access to information, knowledge and wisdom as the only pathway for humanity.  We cannot go back to an “Internet Free” society. The vast numbers in the world who are living without hope and meaning already are informed and will no longer be passive. We require a solution that will ensure the Internet is not simply “neutral”, but a public service with rules that protect us from being dominated by a handful of oligopolies and tsunamis of impersonal bots.  The Internet can help us build a strong democracy and a thriving world only when we craft and implement rules that ensure its primary purpose is to promote the general welfare.  This requires all of us, working together as a movement, to make sure everyone can learn those things that meet their personal and social needs and interests.

Richard R. Rowe, Ph.D., Chair and CEO
Open Learning Exchange, Inc.

Open Learning Exchange (OLE) was founded in 2007 in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a social benefit organization. Our mission is to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to quality education that engenders a personal sense of power, meaning and connection leading to more productive lives and sustainable communities. It is our vision to reframe education on a global scale by shifting the top-down paradigm to a process that is bottom-up and integrates technologically innovative solutions to inspire personalized learning, which is team-supported, community-based and globally connected. OLE is committed to UN SDG #4, which “ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

OLE has created a software tool called PLANET, a content, course and student management toolset that enables personal learning programs anywhere in the world. PLANET has been shown to be highly effective in both formal and non-formal settings including refugee camps.  The OLE makes possible the delivery unfettered access to a quality basic education.

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