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My name is Abdullahi Ali Mohamed, I have lived in Hagadera for the last 22 years and have experienced so many different attitude towards life. I came to Hagadera camp while I was very young and I cannot remember most of the past experience that I had In Somalia. But, I can remember few things that make me cry whenever I remember killing innocent people, the undressing, humiliation, raping women, and torture because of tribalism and civil war. These incidents have resulted in majority of Somali community fleeing from their respective homes to the neighboring countries like Kenya. After the arrival in Kenya, the host community, UNHCR, and other implementing partners welcomed us. We were given the required basic needs like food, water, and shelter. Even though our basic needs are fulfilled it is not enough because refugee communities are subjected to poor dwelling, climate change, and no freedom of movement.

In 1994, I was enrolled in lower elementary classes. In 2003, I finished my Kenya Certificate Primary of Education (KCPE). I completed my high school in 2007. I have continued my education and have completed post-secondary education and received a diploma in education. I have gained my work experience through my work in different organizations like NCCK, UNHCR,NRC, LWF, IRC, IOM and I am currently working with OLE.

I started working with OLE on 15th October 2013. It is a great glory to me as well as my family because of the unique digital work. Initially, I was not much familiar with technology and digital work. My involvement with OLE has changed my attitude towards working with IT by giving me more confidence. This job has also given me an opportunity to interact with different kind of communities. I do Focus Group Discussion( FGDS) on the weakness and the strengthens of the OLE operations in the camp especially, to the youth and advisory team. I have also learned to compile reports. I also conduct educational games like Frisbee, dice game and many others that help in making learning fun. Through OLE, I have gained experiences with working outside the world independently and exchange views on developing and expanding projects to Somalia, which has become successful. My best experiences are in representing OLE in important forums, trouble shooting, connecting digital kits like tablets, BeLL, projector, cameras, video shows to the community. I expect to get more experience.