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Seeking an Executive Director, OLE Kenya

Open Learning Exchange, International, is seeking a passionate and entrepreneurial Kenyan educator to become the Executive Director of OLE Kenya and lead its establishment.  This involves leading OLE Kenya’s inaugural one-year program with alumni of the Young African Leaders Initiative while developing and implementing a longer-term strategy for OLE Kenya.

About Open Learning Exchange, International

Open Learning Exchange, International, is a social benefit organization, established in 2007 as an advocate of ensuring a quality basic education for all. OLE International works closely throughout the developing world with nation-based organizations such as OLE Kenya, to develop and scale powerful Open Learning Communities and Schools that ensure everyone a quality education.

OLE’s Open Learning System emphasizes systemic changes in leadership, supported by high quality open learning resources, with near real-time feedback that provides evidence of the effectiveness. We employ affordable, portable and scalable technologies that do not require the Internet and that can be powered locally.  This approach is especially effective working with remote and marginalized communities, schools and health clinics with limited resources. Our goal is enable the members of these communities to transform learning into an active, engaging and sustained process that is relevant to the specific and evolving needs of everyone in their community, from children in their wombs to the elderly during their last years on earth.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Director

 Leadership & Management

  •  Implement OLE’s Young African Leaders program to engage actively and energize Kenyan YALI alumni in community learning projects that are sustained and scalable.
  • Develop, maintain, and support a strong Board of Directors committed to OLE’s vision and mission.
  • Engage the Board in the development of a strategy for OLE Kenya’s launch and long term development.
  • Ensure effective systems to track program progress, and regularly evaluate OLE program components, in order to measure successes and failures that can be communicated to the board, funders, and other stakeholders.

Planning & Program Development

  • Listen and identify those key challenges where OLE’s Open Learning System can provide a significant and sustainable benefit in Kenya.
  • Develop a strategic plan for OLE Kenya that enables the Open Learning System approach to address one or more of Kenya’s major social and economic challenges.
  • Build partnerships with government and non-government institutions, funders, political and community leaders, who share OLE’s mission and can support OLE Kenya.
  • Become a local, national and international force for social and economic improvement, publishing and communicating program results with an emphasis on the ways that the OLE Kenya programs can serve as models for other nations.

Fundraising & Communications

  • Develop proposals in response to requests that are aligned with OLE’s mission.
  • Expand public and private commitments to OLE Kenya’s programs, including income generating activities to support sustaining and scaling existing Kenyan programs.
  • Deepen and refine all aspects of communications—including a powerful web site in order to increase OLE Kenya’s constructive influence upon Kenya’s future.


A successful candidate will be a Kenyan national with extensive background in education and community building.

Minimum Qualifications include:

  • Deep commitment and great skill in articulating OLE’s vision and mission.
  • Fluency in Swahili and English.
  • Bachelors degree
  • Seven years of effective organizational leadership, preferably in education or international development.
  • Thorough knowledge of the laws and rules that affect Kenyan schools and communities.
  • Experience with working in non-governmental, Social Benefit Organizations.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Strong connections with key public and private influencers of Kenyan public policy.
  • International experience
  • Post-graduate degree (i.e, Master’s or PhD)
  • Cross-sector experience, including working with grassroots organizations, government, and private sector.

Working conditions

Day-to-day work will be based in a Nairobi office.  However this position will require travel throughout Kenya, and occasionally Africa and other parts of the world. A successful candidate must be willing and able to travel in rural and remote areas of Kenya, with limited accommodations.


The compensation for this position will be based upon the successful candidate’s qualifications.

Application Deadline

Application deadline is December 20th, 2014 at 5:00 PM EST. Early applications highly encouraged

To Apply

Qualified candidates should use the following website to apply for this position. Applications received by any other means will not be considered.