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Our Approach

The mission of Open Learning Exchange is focused on moving from education to learning. We are making this happen with our Planet Learning system, an offline learning innovation that contains:

  • A rich multimedia digital library;
  • Templates for course development;
  • Tools for content creation; and
  • Assessment modules to certify learning, evaluate the  system, and monitor community demographics.

OLE’s Planet Learning system is a learning innovation that is demand-driven, affordable, scalable, networked and can be deployed at low cost in resource-limited settings to address the scarcity of quality and timely learning resources and the lack of qualified teachers.  We seek to inspire personalized learning, which is team-supported, community-based and globally connected.

The complete system

A server, router, battery, and tablets can be easily moved from one location to another, powered locally, and does not require access to the internet. Any device with a browser can use the Planet Learning system. While Planet  functions off the internet, it can be connected periodically to an online hub to download new resources for the school or community, and to upload activity data to the hub. This allows the community or school to engage with the rest of the world!

3 Big Educational Problems 1 Simple Scalable Solution

We like to say that we solve three big educational problems with one simple, scalable solution.  The three problems:  lack of effective leadership, lack of quality resources, and lack of continuous improvement of the learning system itself.  Planet Learning addresses each of these problems by helping local villagers learn basic coaching skills, relying upon the digital library and courses to provide the substance needed, and connecting the system to a central learning service periodically so they are connected with the rest of the world.

We Work in Partnership

Working with in-country educational entrepreneurs who establish independent organization, with leadership, staff and funding, OLE provides strategic advice and technical support and regularly bring them together to share and learn from each other. Our partners customize the Planet Learning system and open software tools to meet the need of their people and community.

We Use a Team-based Approach

Be believe that personalized learning is founded on these key principles:

  • To thrive, everyone requires a personal sense of power, meaning and connection;
  • Every person is entitled to the basic knowledge, skills and values they require; and
  • Small, self-organizing learning teams significantly facilitate personalized learning communities with distributed power, transparency and shared responsibility tend to support such personal outcomes and positive social benefits.

Planet Learning’s powerful tools for personalized learning, its friendly interface, and limited infrastructure have been shown to be highly effective in established schools and in informal settings with refugees and internally displaced people.  Its remarkably low cost makes it now possible for every country to guarantee all of its people access to a quality, meaningful education.