The Importance of Marriage & Tradition

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Marriage is indeed a long-held tradition shared by all nations in this vast universe in which we live. Each society has its own customs and traditions based on their culture, religion and customs. If we say we are not going to summarize it, let alone the one that is different in the world, even though Somalis are Muslims, marriage is related to the traditions and customs of the ancient Somalis. Somalis have a high regard for marriage and have a special respect for each other. Somali marriage has been the subject of much discussion in various fields of literature and is well known for its songs, poems, proverbs and sayings about marriage. Somalis often base their marriage on customs and traditions. For example, a man who marries a girl while he is studying the girl is looking for the date and place of origin of the girl’s family, and this can be said to be the tradition of marriage as evidenced by the proverb The famous saying “Camels and women are inherited”. The girl also does that and looks at that family. How many times has your family had a marriage date? How many daughters did the family marry? How many failed? How successful? ETC. In general, men and women have a common ancestor in the history of marriage between the girl’s family and the man’s family.