OLE and IEA Announce Partnership Agreement

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OLE and IEA Announce Partnership Agreement

The Open Learning Exchange (OLE) is proud to announce an exciting new partnership agreement with the International Education Association (IEA) in Lebanon. OLE and IEA are joining together across a number of program areas in the Middle East and North Africa beginning with our work at the Za’atari refugee camp in cooperation with UNHCR Innovation. IEA and OLE have have long shared a common mission and strategy for expanding access to and provision of quality universal education. The partnership will expand organizational depth and capacity for both organizations. OLE and IEA have a strong track record of delivering project-based learning and a community-based approaches to educational problems in order to combat systemic deficiencies. By using technology as a tool rather than as a solution, OLE and IEA strive for accelerating the learning process for students globally.

Since 2007, OLE International has been delivering affordable open source tools that promote collaborative learning models and participatory education programs. OLE International advocates for student-directed learning and project based learning to promote youth empowerment. A significant portion of our work is centered around the Open Learning Platform that provides instructors and learners with content and content management tools. OLE has a substantial history of work with public and private sector partners including UNHCR, USAID, The United States Department of State, Oxfam, World Vision, and many others.

The International Educational Association has a 15 year track record working with schools, ministries of education, educators and students to improve access to education to create collaborative educational programs that address community needs. IEA has provided thousands of students with online learning courses, collaborative learning activities, and innovative technology learning programs. IEA brings a standing record of excellence as exemplified by past partners including UNICEF, UNHCR, The Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Cisco Systems, The United States Department of State, the EU Fund for Development, and many others.

Please direct any inquiries to solutions@ole.org.