OLE Launches TIGER for Syrian Girls in Jordan

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OLE has been given an award from the UNHCR Innovation Fund to implement its TIGER program (These Inspiring Girls Enjoy Reading) for adolescent Syrian girls in UNHCR’s Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. Dr. Rowe will travel to Za’atari, in the northwest part of Jordan the first week of November where he will interview the ten Syrian women who will comprise the staff the TIGER program as Coaches and Tech Geniuses.

The Za’atari camp contains between 80,000 and 120,000 refugees. At least 10,000 of them are adolescent girls who have been uprooted from their homes and are now living in temporary and unstable conditions.

The TIGER program will enable girls in the Zaatari refugee camp, many of whom are not in school, to improve their literacy, numeracy and social skills, enabling many of them to complete their secondary education. The approach is affordable, scalable and sustainable well beyond this pilot so it is hoped that it will be continued beyond this first pilot year.

TIGER Girls will form small TIGER Teams supporting each other as they improve their education in and out of school. They will enjoy access to a virtually unlimited library of open educational resources and a learning management system that will enable them to plan, track and share their progress on their personal learning ladder. This will enable the TIGER Girls to take greater control over their lives as they develop their basic knowledge, critical skills and meaningful relationships.

The TIGER Program will be led by a ten Syrian women who have been trained as Coaches and Tech Geniuses. They will seek to enroll as many as one thousand TIGER Girls, as members of small TIGER Teams where they will experience self-paced learning as an active, engaging and sustained process that is aligned with the school assignments and directly relevant to their current and evolving needs. We have found that such small teams greatly increase the motivation and achievement of their members. The Program will document its strengths and weaknesses, frequently syncing , providing evidence that can be used to expand this approach to all of the adolescent girls living in similar conditions in the Za’atari camp and elsewhere.

For more information on TIGER send an email to the TIGER Team