OLE International is committed to removing the barriers to learning so that all of our children enjoy learning that is open, free and meaningful, enabling them to become, in their own ways, productive, life-long learners and leaders, which is a requirement for a sustainable world.

We are a social benefit organization, established in 2007, committed to helping create powerful Open Learning Communities throughout the developing world that ensure quality basic learning for all, with a focus on children and youth and especially on girls.  We emphasize systemic changes in leadership, supported by high quality open learning resources, with near real-time feedback that provides evidence of the effectiveness of what we are doing.   We employ low cost, scalable technology when it is directly aligned with our goal of transforming learning into an active engaging process relevant to the specific needs of learners.

elearning africa

Is this true? “There is now nothing more important to education than access to the Internet”.

At a recent e-Learning Africa conference in Uganda, attended by 1,500 delegates from 68 countries,  a lively debate was organized on the above motion, asserting the prime importance of the Internet in today’s education.  Educators for the Pros and the Continue reading → Continue reading →