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Why Education?

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of global poverty; it is the key factor in reducing inequality, fostering gender equality, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and contributing to peace.

Today, nearly a billion children and youth throughout the world are lacking access to quality meaningful education
. 60% of these young people are girls and adolescent women whose talents and contributions the world needs. Among the global challenges, learning for all is recognized as the key to disrupting the cycle of poverty, violence and climate chaos.

While basic education is almost universally considered a human right, fulfilling that right has been dangerously slow and illusive. Failure to fulfill that responsibility soon increasingly places us all at risk.

We believe, and hold as OLE’s vision, that through our innovative Planet Learning system, which creates a sustainable and dynamic synergy between technology and leadership, we can re-shape education in the 21st century and beyond, on a global scale, by shifting the top-down paradigm to a process that is bottom-up and integrates technologically innovative solutions to inspire personalized learning, which is team-supported, community-based and globally connected.

To reframe education and to achieve UN Sustainable Goal #4, which “ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all”, OLE is focused on learning as a way to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to quality education that engenders a personal sense of power, meaning and connection leading to more productive lives and sustainable communities.

Let’s work together as a movement, to make sure everyone can learn those things that meet their personal and social needs and interests. With progress there is always struggle. Courage is essential to know there is always a sense of possibility.

Moving from education to learning

Moving From Education to Learning

Moving from education to learning
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