Boyah J. Farah, Program Adviser for Somalia

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Boyah J. Farah | Program Adviser for Somalia

Boyah J. Farah serves on the adjunct faculty at Bunker Hill Community College ​where he teaches courses in creative writing and English as a Second Language  Over the past 10 years Boyah ​has emerged as thought leader in the Somali expatriatecommunity working to promote educational​ opportunities for youth​ in his homeland; he serves as a mentor and counselor to newly arrived Somali refugees entering the US school system​​, he is closely associated with initiatives focused on Somali peace and reconciliation efforts, and he is a frequent speaker on refugee issues. Boyah is former Somali refugee turned writer whose works have been featured in publications like ​The GuardianHarvard Transition, SalonGrub Daily\Truthdig, and others. At OLE Boyah is working closely with ​the OLE program team at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. Boyah aims to establish a formal OLE program in Somalia over the coming months.