Massa Mufti-Hamwi, Co-Founder and Chair, Sonbola Group

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Massa Mufti-Hamwi, Co-Founder and Chair of Sonbola Group for Education & Development

Over the past 22 years, Massa Mufti has accumulated a substantive depth of diversified knowledge and experience in the field of Education and Learning across educational institutions in the United States of America, Lebanon and Syria.

Massa is currently highly engaged in Syrian civil society and in supporting Syrian refugees in the field of Education. She is the co-founder and Chair of Sonbola Group For Education & Development (SONBOLA), an NGO that provides quality education for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon with special focus on innovation and skills. Massa is also a consultant at ESCWA on Education for Syria and has been involved in various consultancy projects relating to education management and development as well as in research projects that address Emergency Education, Non-Formal Education, Interactive and Museum-based Learning, Citizenship Education and more.

She was the Chair of the Steering Committee (2011-2012) of MENIT, the GIZ funded initiative of Middle East Network for Innovative Teaching and Learning.

In addition to two Masters Degrees one in French Literature (Catholic University of America, DC), the other in Education Policies and Leadership (AUB), Massa has a certified training in Education in Emergencies-INEE (Beirut, 2013), a certificate in Business Development (CISCO-British Council, Beirut, 2012), Certified training on Executive Management and Leadership from Harvard Business School (2011), and certified training in Public Speaking (London, 2011), and a certified training on Situational Leadership (Damascus,2010).

She has recently participated at the Syrian civil society Conference in Brussels as part of the Donors Conference on Syria in April 2017. She spoke about Syria Education Crisis at one of the UN General Assembly panels in NY (Sept 21, 2016), and has spoken at the UK CSO and Donors Conference on Syria in Feb, 2016. She spoke also about the role of civil society in peace building at the UN-Global Compact Business For Peace in Dubai (Oct, 2016). She is a regular speaker at NAMES (North Africa and Middle East Network for Science Museums), and has recently spoken about Education at Time of Conflict at NAMES’s recent conference in Amman (Oct 27-28, 2016); Additionally, and among several other conferences, she attended “Teach For All” conference in Puebla, Mexico (Oct, 2014), Global Humanitarian Forum at the United Nations (Dec, 2014), and the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul (May 2016) among many others